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- Densitometry


Densitometry is the method of bone density measurement. The only method which allows the determination of the earliest stages of osteoporosis. During the examination, the lumber spine and the femoral neck are scanned, and as result the structural and functional condition of the bone tissue is determined (osteopenia or osteoporosis).

Osteoporosis is a skeletal disorder characterized by a reduced bone strength predisposing to an increased risk of fracture. Our specialist consults the patient and prescribes the preventive measures, as well as an individual treatment for each patient if needed. Densitometry is performed in those patients, who require the implantation of a hip or knee joint, as it is helpful it determining the ideal method of fixation, whether it is cemented or cement-less.

According to the WHO, osteoporosis is the leading cause of mortality and morbidity in our population, with osteoporotic hip fractures reducing the lifetime by 15%. Every minute, approximately 24 vertebral and peripheral fractures are diagnosed as a result of osteoporosis, whereas every 5 minutes, fractures of femoral neck are registered as well.

Risk factors of the osteoporosis appearance can be divided into controlled and uncontrolled.



Controlled factors, which depend on the lifestyle choices of the patient.

  • alcohol abuse;

  • smoking;

  • low body mass index;

  • improper nutrition;

  • low physical activity;

  • deficit of vitamin D;

  • insufficient consumption of calcium;


Uncontrolled factors, which do not depend on lifestyle choices of the patient:

  • age over 50;

  • female sex;

  • insufficient quantity of testosterone;

  • inheritance (mother had femoral neck fracture);

  • previous fractures;

  • early menopause (including surgical);

  • primary/secondary hypogonadism;

  • prolonged medicines intake;

  • rheumatoid arthritis;

  • systematical diseases of conjunctive tissues;

  • chronic diseases of liver, small intestine, kidneys, endocrine system.


Diagnostic methods.

At the Swedish-Ukrainian center “Angelholm”, we provide quality consultations along with proper examinations conducted by our professional specialists. The densitometer used at our center delivers the highest quality and accuracy of images, as well as performs a wide range of functions needed for the most precise determination of osteoporosis.


The results of the examination give opportunity to get:

  • unique and expanded structural analysis of the hip;

  • objective evaluation of the risks of the femoral neck fracture;

  • expanded orthopedic program with the analysis of 5 different parts;

  • diagnostic and monitoring of osteoporosis and sarcopenia;

  • program “whole body”;

  • body mass index;

  • fat coefficient;


Benefits of the method:

  • noninvasive;

  • short time of diagnostic;

  • individual model for each patient.

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